slugifyModel() takes an option object as the second parameter.


SequelizeSlugify.slugifyModel(User, {
    source: ['givenName'],
    suffixSource: [],
    slugOptions: { lower: true },
    overwrite: false,
    column: 'slug',
    incrementalSeparator: '-',
    passTransaction: true,
    paranoid: true,
    bulkUpdate: false

Available Options

Parameter Type Required Default Description
source [] Array of field names in the model to build the slug from
suffixSource [] Array of field names to use as the source for additional suffixes (before adding incrementing numbers)
slugOptions {} {lower:true} Pass additional options for slug generation as defined by sluglife
overwrite boolean true Update the slug if the source fields change after initial generation
column string slug Specify the column to store the slug value
incrementalSeparator string - Specify the separator between the slug, and the duplicate count
passTransaction boolean true Pass the current transaction object in to the plugin
paranoid boolean true Whether the duplication check will use a paranoid query or not, for determining the next unique slug.
bulkUpdate boolean false Automatically enable individualHooks during bulk updates. Read the following information: Note-1 Note-2

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